Stephen Collins

React based web application and API that keeps track of the active Mario Kart time trial leaders pulled from Nintendo's servers. It is actively used by top players and has an average of 100 daily users.

Daily web scraper that keeps track of the popular stock tickers across multiple subreddits. Popularity is calculated using google analytics and each ticker's post & comment frequency.

Small application that streams the MBTA commuter rail boards at North and South station using the MBTA's public API.

Simplistic iOS Application that generates a random number between a selected range. Users are able to view and download their history as well as change themes.

iOS Application that enables classmates to communicate with each other. This is aimed for university students to be able to have conversations, form study groups, and answer each other's questions.

Solves Premier League playoff odds using Naive Bayes Classifier. Given the current league table and FIFA statistics, the program will calculate which team will be the champion, which teams will advance to the UEFA Champions League, and which teams will be relataged.